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Market Works International is the ultimate resource used by smart clients to maximize their profitability.

Our clients tell us that:

We are more effective because we help them make business happen. They call us because Market Works is a catalyst for great ideas.

We believe:

We create opportunity by redefining the accepted perspective and competitive context. The crux of successful business development is creating measurable programs that utilize marketing and sales tools to generate a direct sales benefit.

Our clients realize that the goal of business should be to grow profitability and create new revenue streams.

We have a broad range of experience across industry categories that includes:

Business to Business
  • Communications Technologies
  • Electronic Media
  • Publishing
Consumer Products
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  • Apparel
  • Consumables
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
Fast Food
Health Care
Internet Communications
Travel & Resort
  • Agents/Operators
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Lines
  • Destinations/Government
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Rental Car

We have an 8-step program called "Marketing Steps to Sales Success," the objective of which is to help you grow profitability... Marketing is the disciplined process through which we examine your business, product or service, customers and the competition – to help make you more profitable. Usually, that simply means generating more sales. But, very often it has to do with:

  • How you communicate with your customers,
  • Whether or not you are meeting their needs – or viewed as competitive,
  • Whether you’re targeting the right customers – or leaving markets untapped, (and money on the table),
  • Whether you’re being outsold – or "sold off" – by the competition,
  • And, if your market has, or is changing, how best to respond, or better yet, anticipate that change.

We will take you through a strategic planning process – which means that we examine all these business issues – and make recommendations that will make your business far more competitive and help you achieve your business objectives.

These recommendations evolve through our observation and probing exercises with you, your customers and your competition. Depending upon how your organization is structured, it can result in an informal "action plan," or a formal marketing plan, complete with fully designed programs, timetables and financial substantiation.

And, if operational imperatives have stretched your internal resources to the point where you can’t do one more thing…we are available to implement – or help implement – those programs for you.


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