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We offer so much more than the competition, but most of our customers buy solely on price. We just can’t afford to take the business at such low rates.

When we lose in a competitive bid situation, it’s generally where the prospect fails to compare "apples to apples," or another bidder promises specifications that they don’t historically deliver.

We have a service business in a professional industry. We believe that we do a better job for our clients than many of our competitors, but we really want to attract more of "our kind" of clients who can appreciate and are willing to pay for our level of service and commitment.

Our company is too "big to be little" and too "little to be big." We want to get to the next level without compromising our current profitability and having to make a major investment.

Within the past few years, our sales have reached a plateau and seem to be stuck. We want to increase our sales to the "next level," but want to be sure what that means in terms of potential revenue and downside risk.

For years we've had a local family owned business. Most of our competition is now from better financed national (or regional) companies. But, I was counting on passing the business on to my kids and providing for our retirement.

Our expenses continue to increase every year, but our sales increases are modest and our margins are being squeezed. What we really want to do is increase our profitability.

We have a small business in a fairly large industry, but we've always managed to make a living. We'd like to increase our profitability without inviting competitive retaliation.

I think that acquiring a license may help us increase our distribution and expand our margins. We're just not exactly sure how to go about it and whether or not it's really a sound business decision for us.

We sell our product exclusively to other businesses and must get approvals from various levels of management before completing the sale. It certainly would be helpful to learn how to shorten the process to sell more in the near-term and improve our cash flow.

Once a customer buys from us they are really pleased with the product and our company's performance. Our problem is converting that first sale and the time it takes to see the revenue in house.

Customers love our product concept. We have a relatively easy time making that first sale, but getting re-orders at our going rates is another story. It doesn't help that the competition seems to undercut us at every turn.

We've been in business for a number of years, but have recently noticed that our best customers are now using alternative product solutions. We've really got to come up with new product or new customers, or both, soon.

Our sales team is fairly "lean," and their experience levels vary greatly. Some are "relatively new" and eager to learn what makes their customers tick. Others are "seasoned professionals" who know their stuff, but sometimes sleepwalk through sales calls. It would make my life easier to make everyone equally effective.

After years of working for someone else, I've finally got the opportunity to build a business my way. We've got the product and the concept, but need to raise the money to market it.

We're thinking of making some significant changes in our product offerings, which we think will help generate future expansion, but we want to be absolutely sure that customers will support the changes and understand our communications message. We can't afford any risk to sales.

We've got a very small marketing department. The staff is very capable, just overwhelmed. We'd really like to give them the support they need to focus on our core business.

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