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Sales and Marketing Consultants

Market Works International, Inc. is a business development company that specializes in helping you make money by developing and implementing programs that create incremental revenue. We create business and marketing solutions to help you introduce new products, generate additional distribution, shore up shrinking margins, re-position your company competitively, and help you meet your sales goals. We provide marketing, consulting, strategic planning, research, sales training and analytic services that help increase your profits.

Increase Sales to Consumers.
Increase Sales to Businesses.
Retain Customers.
Strengthen Employee Commitment.
Open New Markets.
Protect Against Competitors.
Introduce New Products.
Increase Budget Efficiency.

Market Works International, Inc.
6 Fairhill Lane
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Phone: (386)447-0018 Fax: (386)447-3108
e-mail: info@market-works.com