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To increase sales to consumers You Need a Two-pronged approach

ONE:  A strategic marketing solution that preemptively positions your product or service against that of your competition and compels your customers – and theirs – to choose your product or service instead.

Market Works can help you craft a competitive positioning statement in language that will be compelling to your customers and show you how to integrate that language in all your sales and marketing communications – and why such a change will help generate sales.

TWO:  A customer-oriented sales solution that determines how your customers perceive your product or service versus your competition and what motivates them to purchase or prevents them from buying.

Market Works can help you by designing a "Sales Accelerator" Program to address your specific business challenges. This program is created from the customer’s point of view and involves your sales team to ensure that they are putting your best foot forward – effectively – with your customers.

Market Works International

Increase Sales To Business

When your target is other businesses, chances are you generally know who your customers are or should be. However, often it is not clear exactly who the decision-makers are or why they’re not buying. To meet a multi-tiered sales challenge requires sales strategies that address various "recommenders" in addition to decision-makers. At best, recommenders can be engaged as allies. At worst, they need to be diffused as naysayers.

Market Works will help you maximize your customers’ perceived value of your product or service to increase your sales and your sales penetration within your customer category. We can design a sales effort to effectively "sell through" to those in charge and create sales incentive programs that help increase your customers’ sales. The latter strategy is a proven way to secure relationships and increase sales while ensuring pricing because your potential customers will be far more receptive when they see "what’s in it for them."

Retain Customers

The rule of thumb says that retaining customers – achieving repurchase from those who have already bought – is far less costly than acquiring new customers. Logically, once you’ve made the investment to acquire a customer, estimating the window of repurchase year over year is like capturing an annuity on that original investment. This means realizing that your customers have a "value" to your business over the lifetime of their relationships and making a commitment to perpetuate that relationship.

Market Works can help you design a Customer Retention Program that recognizes these special relationships and helps you maximize their value by preempting competitive purchases and giving your current customers reasons to buy more often.

Market Works International

Open New Markets

One way to increase sales is to find new customers. Traditionally a new market has meant expanding geographically or courting a new socio-demographic group. But it can also mean new applications of existing products or seeking new channels of distribution either directly or through strategic partnerships.

Market Works can help you identify new ways to expand the distribution of your product or service, beginning with "most likely" purchasers and partnerships that help keep initial costs down and give you time to build momentum and an incremental cash flow that can fund further expansion.

Protect Against Competitors

In sports, it’s said that "the best defense is a good offense." It’s true in business as well. Putting your best foot forward and staking a preemptive product or service claim helps to eliminate your competition’s ability to woo your customers on specific selling points – but not on others.

Market Works can help you identify and shore up any Achilles’ heels you may have while capitalizing on your market strengths. We practice aggressive marketing techniques that go further to ensure your success by pinpointing areas where you can co-opt portions of your competition’s strengths and leveraging their weaknesses to use for your benefit.


Introduce New Products and Services

The retail axiom says that you sell more if you provide more product choices. New products increase sales because they often give existing customers a reason to buy more (or more frequently) and create the opportunity for new customers to buy from you. However, there is risk and additional expense attached to the new product or service introductions.

Market Works can help you minimize that risk by identifying and segmenting industry customers to determine who is most likely to buy your new product or service, their motivations to purchase, and any barriers to sale. This segmentation also makes the cost of introducing far more efficient because it targets the most likely sale first.

Increase Budget Efficiency

During the downsizing frenzy of the late ’80s and early ‘90, many businesses learned the hard way that achieving efficiencies in business is much more than just controlling costs. Do you know which of the products or services you offer net you the highest margins? Do you have a handle on what a sale really costs you? Are your sales and marketing efforts supporting your highest growth opportunities? Does your current sales process leave money on the table?

Market Works can help you get a firmer handle on these and other business issues, which are really at the heart of creating better efficiencies and maximizing return on your budget investment. While occasional belt-tightening may be a necessity, slashing and burning your budget often begins a negative cycle that is "self-fulfilling." We believe that long-term success calls for prudent investment that carefully builds your business and ensures positive returns.